Todas elas juntas em um só ser


Music inspired Picture Book


Undergraduate thesis, in partnership with Lis del Barco

my role

Editorial, art direction, photography


Photographic representation of the song "Todas elas juntas em um só ser" ("All of them (women) together in a single being", free translation) by the Brazilian singer-songwriter Lenine.

The project tries to translate poetry and sound in image form, going through different styles, characteristics and details that represent the feminine universe


     2010 & 2011

Promoting the exhibits in Curitiba


After the book was produced, photographic exhibitions were held in galleries and bars in Curitiba. The project, which emerged as a work to complete the UTFPR Graphic Arts course, has more than 3 thousand images. Of these, 16 were selected for exhibition for "revealing the strength and delicacy of women".

Lis del Barco, Lenine and Anna Boechat

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