Aloha Bistrô Fit


Brand and identity for a specialized fit foods bistro


Aloha Bistrô Fit


my role

Branding, Graphic Design, Lettering, Art direction, Package.


Aloha is a Hawaiian word used as a form of greeting. Aloha spirit is a lifestyle, a constant mindset of acceptance, allowing you to achieve true happiness, health and prosperity. The identity created aims to represent the differential of the brand: supplying natural, fresh and tasty foods, prepared with care and dedication, as it is part of the lifestyle of its public - one that is concerned not only with being in shape, but also with the health and origin of the food it consumes.


Typography designed exclusively for the brand, it was based on sources of straight and reinforced features, but which in its composition becomes light, communicating the public's lifestyle with seriousness and elegance.


The brand's trousseau works with raw textures like kraft, referring to the natural and organic concept, present in the brand's DNA - and making your perception more cozy.



The brand has variations in its composition, making it changeable and enabling an enrichment in graphic material applications.

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