Dolls are popular objects in Russian art and design, and now contemporary artists are taking the ancient craft and interlacing it with their own ideas, creating artworks which are unorthodox and intriguing to behold. Molded and crafted with the utmost delicacy and precision, contemporary dolls are constructed using a mixture of modern and traditional techniques and materials. All the stereotypes about dolls being just toys for children are dissipated,  they're true works of art, and each doll has a unique story told by its maker.


I love bringing my ideas to life! So, ispired by contemporary russians artists, I dedicated myself to create a group of dolls that are 100% handmade. Combining various craft techniques such as: sewing, felting, embroidery, illustration, fabric painting, watercolor, biscuit modeling, crochet - among others - the first four models were born. They have an average height of 9 in (23 cm) and are made up of unique clothes and accessories made exclusively for each one.

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